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Contactless Safety keychain Printing

The current situation with the prevailing diseases calls for more creative solutions that will help the public ensure safety from these health hazards. Small changes in the way people interact with their external surroundings can bring enormous positive changes.

We give you a chance to be a more responsible citizen, all the while taking care of your own health, by offering no touch keychain tool printing services in india. Get your no touch keyrings personalized and printed, and use them as your shield against health problems. Use it as an Contactless safety door opener, in Elevator buttons, to flush toilets, and so on.

Coronavirus No Touch tool

With the present coronavirus pandemic situation and a major crisis at hand, the way people interact with their external environment needs to change in many ways. More hygienic methods need to be embraced when stepping out of your house to ensure the health of yourself, your loved ones as well as the general public.

With our No Touch keychain tool, avoid touching high-risk surfaces that may be a potential source of the virus. Use it as a non-contact door opener, flush toilets, Elevator buttons, payment pads in shops, and so many other places!

Touchless Hand Tool

An average person touches their face 2000-3000 a day, with the same hands that they use to touch door handles, toilet flush levers, ATM buttons, elevator buttons, and to make card payments in retail shops.

These surfaces are touched by thousands of people every single day and could be potential disease spreading sources. In the wake of a pandemic and many more health hazards, the need for a touch less hand tool becomes a necessity. For this reason, we have created the no-touch key ring, a simple innovation that can change lives. Avoid touching high-risk surfaces by using this simple, easy to carry tool and curb the spread of disease.

Touch free Door and Elevator Opener Keychain

Door handles and elevator buttons are the most touched objects in any buildings. They are fomites, or non-living objects that take part in the transmission of disease. Hundreds of people open the same doors and use the same elevators every single day, and some of them could be silent carriers of disease. We have created for you a non contact door opener tool in india that can help to a great extent in preventing the spread of microbes through touch. This no-touch keychain works as a door opener and a lift opener. Also use it to press elevator buttons, flush toilets, and so much more.

Logo Printed No Touching Safety Keychain

A No Touch Tool is a powerful supplement for daily infection control practices. It has become imperative to maintain basic social distance and care when dealing with external surroundings at workplaces, educational institutions, and other public places. Get your logo printed on this no touch door opener keychain in india to distribute to employees or students at your organization. Encourage everyone to avoid touching high-risk surfaces with their hands. With everyone in an organization maintaining safe no-touch practices, a disease cluster can be actively prevented. This innovative tool can be used as an Safety key door opener, in elevators public toilets and many other places.